David Ruffin by Jim Britt

David Ruffin by Jim Britt

The Rise of Fine Art Photography

Art photography's fast growth as a hot medium among collectors is a world-wide phenomena: according to Artmarket.com's recent study, photography’s price index grew 48% between 2000 and 2015 outperforming the Fine Art market as a whole by 12%. 

The reason is twofold:
First, it is affordable. With initial investments in the hundreds rather than thousands of dollars, it is an entryway for Millennials and other generations into the Fine Art market. Photography allows them to start their collections early on and then broaden them later into other genres such as paintings, sculptures and installations.

Second, Fine Art Photography speaks to today’s generations in a unique, impactful and lasting way, connecting them with the icons and memorable moments of the modern age. In an era where authenticity is everything, today’s collector navigates away from clutter to real, simple and shareable visual stories that move them for their honesty and beauty.

We invite you to capture this unique moment in Fine Art Photography and look forward to speaking with you about growing your collection soon.